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The floors of the palaces were bedecked with sapphires, crystal, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies which gave the city a luster as radiating as the celestial town called Bhogavati. There he happened to see a very beautiful woman coming towards him surrounded by ten servants who each led a hundred others. Young as she was with a desirable, well-shaped figure she was looking for a husband and on all sides guarded by a five-hooded snake.

Where do you come from and what are you doing here near this city? Who are all these followers, your eleven guards and all these women? Oh you with your beautiful eyes, what kind of snake is that preparing your way? What I know is that all of us souls are there today, that is all.

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I do not know who created this city. All these men and women at my side are my male and female friends and when I am asleep the snake stays awake to protect this city. And thus enjoyed their life there for a hundred years. The city had seven gates above the ground and two below that were constructed for the ruler or anyone else to go to different places.

Five of the gates faced the east, one was at the south, one at the north and two gates where found at the western side.

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At one place at the eastern side two gates were built named Khadyota and avirmukhi. The king used them to go to the city of Vibhrajita with his friend Dyuman.

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At another location in the east there were built the gates called Nalini and Nalini and they were used when he with his friend named Avadhuta went to a place called Saurabha. The fifth gate on the eastern side called Mukhya was used by the king of the city, accompanied by Rasajna and Vipana, to go to two places called Bahudana and apana.


Going through the southern city gate named Pitrihu, Puranjana together with his friend Shrutadhara visited the southern country side named Dakshina-pancala. The city gate called Devahu in the north was used by Puranjana to visit together with Shrutadhara the northern countryside Uttara-pancala. The gate on the western side called asuri was used by Puranjana to go together with Durmada to the city of pleasure called Gramaka. The western gate called Nirriti was used by Puranjana to go to the place called Vaishasa accompanied by his friend Lubdhaka.

The king belonging to those endowed with sight went through the subterranean gates named Nirvak and Peshaskrit to engage in activities together with two blind citizens. When he went to his private quarters, he did so accompanied by Vishucina and then in a state of illusion to his satisfaction and happiness enjoyed the love of his wife and children.

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Thus strongly attached to act in lust and foolishness for the sake of a certain result, he was cheated in being controlled by whatever his queen wanted him to do. Captivated by the queen he was led astray, away from his own nature and as the foolish king who helplessly did what she did, as weak as a pet animal.

Once King Puranjana went to the forest called Pancha-prastha carrying his bow, golden armor and inexhaustible quiver, leaving his wife behind. He traveled on the two wheels and one axle of a swift chariot with golden ornaments that, being drawn by five horses, had one sitting place, seven armor plates, three flags and two posts for his harnesses. He carried five weapons and two special arrows. Together with his eleventh commander and his one chariot driver who held one set of reins, he knew five objectives and five different ways of approach.

With the demoniac darkness of a lack of enlightenment in his heart he had taken to the horrible practice of mercilessly killing the animals in the forests with sharp arrows. Because of the destruction of the animal bodies that were pierced by the arrows which had different kinds of feathers, there was great sadness, it was a distress unbearable for compassionate souls. From killing game like rabbits, buffaloes, bison, black deer, porcupines and various other kinds he got very tired. When he was done he arrived thirsty and exhausted back home to take a bath, have a proper meal and rest to find his peace back.

After some day he wanted to pay attention to his queen, and on reaching asked the maids about the queen.

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We have no idea why she has taken to this kind of behavior! When he saw his queen lying on the ground as if she were a mendicant, Puranjana racking his brains over the scene, was most bewildered. Gradually first touching her feet and then embracing her on his lap, the hero experienced in flattery began to appease her.

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The queen perfectly happy welcomed the king who with his attractive face had approached her. Intimately making fun she embraced him as he held her in his arms. Puranjana spending half his life with the queen in lust, begot eleven sons and hundreds of grandsons. He also had over ten daughters and a hundred granddaughters.