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Concerning postulants for the Novitiate, otherwise the Grade of Zelator, it is laid down 1 that the special qualifications are intelligence, sincerity, a disposition towards peace, desire of knowledge and the virtue of willing obedience; 2 that each applicant must be warned against fostering false and illusory notions; 3 that there must be no thought of riches or greatness; 4 that the heart must be set on the path of quickening virtue, realising 5 that it is the duty of one and all to carry the doctrines of the Order by their own diligence into practical experience.

On the day for reception, the Candidate was provided with Bread and Wine in a vestibule and was required to wash his hands. There also he was asked whether it was his sincere wish to become a humble Apprentice of the True Wisdom and a zealous Brother of the Rosy Cross. Having satisfied his conductor, he was led into a second room and was called upon to affirm 1 that he had no vain or evil purpose in view; 2 that he was not covetous of material wealth; 3 that he thirsted after wisdom, virtue and the secret art for the better fulfillment of Christian duty. He was then bound with cords about the hands and neck, a white veil being also placed over his head.

In this condition he was led to the third and innermost apartment, where he was presented as one those spiritual being was imprisoned by an earthly body, which however could be rendered perfect and thus justified by the spirit. He was subject to further questioning and placed within a fourfold circle to take the pledge of the Grade.

Fratres Arvales

The Pledge was taken on the New Testament and — according to one of the codices—was couched in the following terms: "I, Brother X, Y, Z, in the Name of the Triune God, Omnipotent and Omnipresent, in the presence of this Illustrious Order, and before its Worshipful Masters, do hereby and hereon vow, promise and swear: 1 That I will work steadfastly in the fear of God and to His honour; 2 That I will never cause distress to my neighbour of my own will and intent; 3 That I will maintain inviolable secrecy in all that concerns the Brotherhood; 4 That I will always pay due obedience to my Superiors; 5 That I will act with perfect faith in respect of the Order; 6 That I will reserve no secret from the Honourable Fraternity which belongs to the business thereof; 7 And finally, that I will live for the Creator, His Divine Wisdom and for the Order.

It is obvious that this undertaking lies within the general measures of simple piety and good faith, there being nothing — on the surface — of an occult and much less of a Hermetic character, except in so far as the latter is connoted by the reference to " business " of the Order. In respect of Ritual procedure the Golden and Rosy Cross has not made any signal advance upon the Laws published in , for the matter of its First Grade is practically before the reader.

That which remains is concerned with the communication of Official Secrets, the Symbolic Name, the Arms bestowed on the Novice, and the payment of fees. Reception to the Grade of Theoreticus is even more like a shadow of procedure. The Candidate is led into the place of convocation, where he undertakes to maintain the Pledge of the Order and submit to all its Laws, after which he receives the Word and Token, together with a special Cipher, the necessity or reason of which does not appear in the text.

The Grade of Practicus was important, at least, by its name; therein it was the duty of a Superior to instruct the lower Brethren and to prove all their mental powers, because the praxis of true philosophy must rest on a sound theory. On the day and in the place of his reception the Candidate certifies 1 that in his experience of the Order he has found nothing in opposition to the commands of God, the love of others or the welfare of the State; 2 that he will abide by the customs of the Fellowship; 3 that he desires to be numbered among the Practici; 4 that this is of his own free will and 5 that he covenants once more to maintain inviolably the Seven Points Major of his original Pledge.

These undertakings are sealed by the threefold Grip of the Grade and the corresponding Secret Words.

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When the Grade of Philosophus is worked in ample form there is an elaborate arrangement of apartments and furniture therein, but the essential procedure in most versions lies within a moderate compass. The Candidate is caused to partake of Bread and Wine, and is reminded that the medial or vegetable kingdom of Nature produces nothing more exalted than are these gifts of Heaven, by which also God made and confirmed an Eternal Covenant with the race of man.

He is then directed to wash in pure water and to remember in so doing that the Portals leading to the Higher Wisdom are closed to the impure and open only to virtuous and spiritual men. He is asked in formal terms whether he will become a Philosophus, is instructed in that case to pay the fee of the Grade and is welcomed by the Philosophical Brethren, who pray that wisdom, peace and joy in God may be with him.

He testifies that he has looked for promotion, as on the previous occasions, that he may attain Wisdom, Art and Virtue, for the service of God and his neighbour. He repeats the Pledge of the Grade, which is one of obedience to the particular Laws thereof, and is anointed with oil in confirmation of his covenant, made with God and with the Order.

It is prayed that the Spirit of Wisdom may strengthen his senses, enlighten his mind and rule in all his heart. He is given a new Word and another manner of t oken, after which he offers incense to the glory of God and His wisdom and for the welfare of all Brethren.

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In fine he is declared a Philosophical Brother in the name of the whole Order and is embraced by all present. It is the taking of an important step and preparations in all cases are made with solemn care. The President or Superior of his district makes known to him the fact of his election, or a messenger, who is himself an Adept, may be sent to him from the general centre.

On the eve of the day of advancement he devotes himself to pious meditations on the Divine Goodness, on the immortality of the soul and its royal race. When the day itself arrives he repairs to the place of assembly in his richest vestures. In the part which belongs to the Portal: 1 The Candidate certifies in the presence of chosen Philosophi that he has been called to the rank of Adeptus; 2 The Brethren give him God speed and bid him remember them, even in the Higher Wisdom.

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In the Second Point the Spokesman of Adepti is alone with the Candidate and what takes place is discourse between them. Here ends the Second Point. The Third takes place in the presence of all the Adepti, amidst incense, lights and the offering of praises to the Glory of God in the Highest, all present being veiled, the Candidate only excepted.

An Adeptus Minor had a right to petition for advancement to the Sixth Degree, in which there is no Ritual procedure that can be said to deserve the name. It is wanting in some codices. As a fact, he is pledged simply, receive; the Grip or Token and hears the Secret Word. So far as records are concerned this and a New Word are the sole communications received on attaining these exalted positions.

The Ninth is the Grade of Magus, which by a colourable supposition may represent solely the status of the Headship and is therefore a Degree in numeration, but without procedure.

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It would be comparable in this case to the last and highest Grade the Swedish Masonic Rite, being that of Vicarius Salomonis held by one person only, who is the King of Sweden. It would appear, however, that there were several Superiors ruling the Rosicrucian Order in in that particular banch or obedience with which I am at present dealing.

It will be remembered that that we hear of an Imperator as sole and supreme head in another and earlier school. But as it is important above all to reach a clear issue hereon the analysis has been arranged with this purpose in view, and we must now proceed further. The Ritual content of the Order is before us, with its references — few and far between — to the Three Alchemical Principles, the matter of the Stone and the stages through which it passes in the process of the Great Work. There are, however, certain documents connected with the earlier Grades, and there are certain things which were communicated to Adepti outside Rituals: the intimations concerning these and their analysis mav perhaps afford us light.

The origin of these characters is referred traditionally to Solomon in lectures attached to the the First Degree. According to the wise king and the Kabalists, the primal manifestation of God originated in a first movement of the Eternal Being. The third epoch was the creation of Adam and the promise of a Deliverer to come, represented by. The Triangle signifies also Beginning, Middle and End. It was adopted afterwards as the Signum Magnum of creation and was taken by ethnic philosophy to denote celestial and earthly fire.

The discourse goes on to affirm that fire produces smoke, steam and air; that air , if caught up, changes to water ; and that water separates itself in earth.

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Air and fire lie occult in water and earth. If this is Rosicrucian physics in the year , it must be characterised as raving mania. The reverie is developed on the cosmic side by affirming that the Lord God kindled a mighty fire, that a dreadful steam went forth therefrom, and the same was changed into water.

These opposing elements — meaning fire and water—were united by Omnipotence in a chaos , from which air and earth were separated.

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As regards the Hermetic side of the thesis, it is said that he who understands the four elements, who can bring forth therefrom Salt, Sulphur and Mercury, who can also recombine the three, he it is who stands on the seventh step — a reference to the Grade of Exempt Adept — but it is to be known that the Mastery is reserved to a higher Degree.

This is to be impressed upon every Candidate. He shall above all and for ever be refused the sight of any other transmutation than that which is prepared by himself. The infringement of this rule is to be visited by heavy penalties, including suspension and expulsion.