Be Your Own Life Coach : How to Life Coach Yourself Into What You Want

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Simone also has a caring and compassionate heart, is a life-time learner and is highly creative. Plus she is authentic in that she practices what she teaches and is open to being vulnerable when it serves her clients. I look forward to seeing the continued expansion of Simone, and know that she serves her coaching clients in a powerful way. You are lucky to have her as your coach.

I had a one hour coaching session with Simone, focused on my limiting beliefs, which were holding me back in business and relationships. We had a very honest conversation. Simone is a good listener who really cares.


I found learning about and understanding the heroes journey particularly useful. I believe that ongoing work brings results, as opposed to instant changes fron one session, so I will continue to work on the things we discussed. This is an investment in yourself. This is an investment of time, energy and money in your relationships, your happiness, your business, your growth — your life.

Transformation is truly beautiful. To make sure, we are the right fit for each other and to answer and clarify all questions or concerns you have about the program, I would like to offer you a free 60 minute conversation. So you can get to know me better, experience the magic of coaching and see if we are jumping into this intense journey together. Our time together will be joyful, fun, intense, sometimes challenging, filled with love and soul, strategic, uplifting and honest.

Become Your Own Life Coach

In our coaching sessions you are the most important thing to me. I am listening. I am not judging. I feel you. I understand you. I see you. I want you to see how beautiful and special you truly are. I want to see your eyes sparkle. These sessions could be much shorter and are likely to be once you get going, but the initial sessions are likely to be longer as you familiarise yourself with everything, set everything up and take care about the process.

This schedule is not set in stone, and you can use a different frequency to suit your own circumstances if you need to, but it is important once you have defined a schedule that you are going to follow to stick to it. It can be a simple book, one with a cover that inspires you. What I really care about is that you use it.

This book is going to be your best friend and your best enemy! Record in your journal everything you do on this journey: your tasks, your doubts, your thoughts, the exercises, your progress, …. Before you delve directly into what you want to change and what you think the problem is, do this simple exercise: The Wheel Of Life Exercise. This simple but effective tool will give you an idea of what is important in your life and where problems are. The wheel of life will also help you prioritise the areas of your life you want to work on. Start with one area only the one that will improve your life the most to give yourself the best chance of success.

Now you need a goal. Setting the goal is the most important thing you will do in this process.

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Look at how to set a good goal here the paragraph after the wheel of life. No more excuses. But, have you really tried everything? Could you have done more to jump those obstacles? The more you ask yourself the question, the more ideas will come to your head.

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Ideas that might have eluded you before. Ideas that you might have rejected at first. Think of all the resources you have exterior help or internal. Could you draw on them?

Lessons from a life coach: how to get what you want, now

Then, decide what your first action will be and give yourself a deadline for it. He presents a refreshing approach to the traditional goal-setting that focuses on iterative systems and focused effort rather than its direct outcomes and hitting targets. In other words: focus on the journey, not the destination; focus on the work, not the rewards.

Very valuable to try out if you find yourself frustrated with your current progress. When it really comes down to it, what do you choose?

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  • 1. Write Down Your Goals.

Truly care about? Measure yourself and other against? Then use your own core values from the previous excessive to draw up and keep your own chart. Describe your perfect day Close your eyes and visualize the moment you wake up, on your perfect day. What would your morning routine be like? How would you spend the day?

How to Be Your Own Life Coach: 4 Simple Steps

Where would you spend your time? When would you work? Who would you meet with? Make a vision board This is the fun part! A vision board is a collage with visual inspirations for your future.

Download this entire Life Coaching post as a PDF:

How would your future self act? Spend their days? What would they wear, watch, read, and listen to? Who would they spend time with? You can also make boards for more specific themes like work or travel, or do them yearly either to forecast or reflect. Watch this amazing TED talk by Dan Gilbert on the psychology of your future self and how visualizing our future selves can help us make better decisions today. Write a letter to your future self We can delve further into the concept of the future self.

What is the story you tell yourself and others about your life? Momento mori A little morbidity can go a long way.