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Why can't we go home already?

Nox Arcana - Night of the Wolf

Rachel failed to notice at first, as she still had her hands covering her nose and was recovering from all the screaming she just did due to fear of Santana killing her, but when she did she was shocked. You know as well as I do that we need to use this time wisely and prepare for the upcoming Sectionals! Who here agrees with me? Looking around she notices no one is even paying attention to her.

Affiche – Lancement du Cirque Diabolique

Kurt went back to gossiping with Mercedes while Blaine struggles to perfect his bow tie. Santana and Brittany are off the the side sharing "sweet lady kisses", as Brittany so eloquently puts it, while Sugar sits and watches for a reason that is unknown to Rachel. Of course Finn is just sitting there, pouting, obviously wishing he could be at home playing Call of Duty.

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Then there's Quinn, just sitting in the back of the room, reading a book and seeming to be in her own world. Clearing her throat and stomping her foot in a diva-like-manor, Rachel simply says "Does anyone here agree with me? Or do you all want to just leave and do what you all do on Friday afternoons.. Everyone just sat there starting at her like she had grown 4 heads. Of course they would, i mean who would want to be wasting their Friday afternoon in the choir room at school?

Certainly not them. Rachel was about to give up and just tell them to go when suddenly there was a sigh from the back of the room, and the sound of a chair scraping against the floor as someone stood up. This will help us in the long run and it might make the time go by faster.

Diabolique Fetish & Fantasy Festival

So Rachel, what song should we rehearse? Quinn makes an excellent point. But of course, Finn has to interject. I mean, she IS your girlfriend, shouldn't you be the one to agree with her?

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But no. Instead, you're whining about wanting to be home just so you can sit and play Play Station".

Just as she was about so smack him upside the head for being such an idiot, the choir room door bursts open as someone runs in yelling incoherent sentences and waving their arms about in a frantic manor. Everyone turns their heads and sees Puck standing there, gasping for breath, and clutching some papers in his hand. Sugar jumps up and out of her seat yelling "Hi Puck! You look great as always, kind of sweaty Sorry, Aspergers.

Les Diaboliques | Théâtre from 14 Nov to 18 Jan | Ticketmaster

Rachel, on the other hand, starts looking a bit annoyed. What is this about, and why are you so late? You are causing the others and myself to be distracted and we only have We only have five minutes left to rehearse all of these songs for Sectionals! Now please, take a seat so we can begin.

Madame Endora

You'll never guess what I got in the mail today! Alright, so today I wasn't in school because I was in another hot dog eating contest, which I got second place in by the way because damn Coach Beiste can eat, but when I got home I checked the mail to see if any of my And guess who I'm bringing with me?

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YOU guys! There's just enough for all of us! When everyone has a ticket Mercedes asks, "Puck, who sent you these tickets? Rachel quickly puts the ticket down on top of the piano "Then these are not safe Noah! Hidden Mickey Hidden Mickeys Disney secrets.

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