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Because the Spanish language is used with several variations, depending on which country it is being used in, please make any alterations to these prayers if you wish in the special comments section of the order form. When you find the prayer or poem you want, please write down the number for your order. Guarda, a conocer a Dios, para amarlo. En los momentos de angustia. Nosotros confiamos en que intercedas.

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English Si. English God deity god goddess. Dios noun.

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English God heaven. Dios interjection. English geez jeez sheesh. English Jeez! English he wants he likes he loves she likes she loves she wants. English to like to embosom wanna to want to to care for to please to wish will to want to love wanna to since.

English yep yes. English yes yea. English aye hello kia ora yea yeah yep yes yes yes yes yes yes yup. Try it out with the sentences from this article below! Easy as 1,2,3!

Thank you for taking a journey through time and space with us to understand the future of the Spanish language! We hope this page was useful and may always be used as a reference. Click here to read our comprehensive guide to all Spanish tenses!

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Literally : We see each other tomorrow No te preocupes, yo lo hago! Yo lo contesto!

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