Dragons Among Us

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There are Dragons Among Us

There, on the shore, perched on a blade of grass, was an empty dragonfly exoskeleton and a newly emerged adult dragonfly see image below. Dragonflies and damselflies belong to the Odonata order, one of the most widely recognized and popular orders of insects. For anyone who has ever watched a dragonfly, they are virtually unmatched in their flying ability. They have large eyes that take up nearly their entire head, and a very large body that helps support their agile wings. In the picture below, the adult dragonfly had recently emerged and was found drying its wings on nearby aquatic vegetation.

It is simply incredible, yet in a very natural and believable way, to see how her family is holding it together. However much you feel you are ready for what is coming, nothing can prepare you for the reality of watching your year-old daughter transform into a dragon before your own eyes, but George manages to get through it and even joke about it.

Book 2 was even more thrilling than book one, if that is possible, because the story keeps getting more and more intense.

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The book has everything that makes a thrilling novel - a unique and electrifying plot, believable and easy to connect with characters and flawless writing. Anton delivered a one of a kind tale and an ending that left me on the edge of my seat. I really cannot wait to see what happens in the next book, especially with Timtu's entry into Katie's life.

I originally wanted to list all three books of The Kathryn Baxter Diaries as well.

Dragons Among Us by C.L. Kraemer

So I decided to go simple yet colorful, clean but cluttered as my way of rendering a cover that is as spontaneous and undeveloped as the writings which come after. Includes complete outlines for:. F or one reason or another, some books never get finished. Though uncommon, some series of books are never completed. The reasons in most cases are related to an illness the author may have suffered, or in the worst case, a premature death. In other situations a writer may have simply given up, lost interest, or moved on to other pursuits; by analogy, the ultimate writer's block.

The good news is that, as the author, I wrote extensive outlines for the remaining two novels that would have brought the series to an initial conclusion. The story's depth of detail and large number of diverse characters, both human and dragon, allowed for a virtually unlimited continuation of fantasy adventures, all of them filled with twists, turns, and other surprises. In hindsight, it could be argued that no work of fiction, fantasy or otherwise, is ever truly finished.

As in real life, nothing ever really ends — or begins — but is always little more than a sequence of chapters that are part of an endless continuum. Both books take readers on an amazing thrill ride filled with lots of action, humor, and intrigue — some of it adult in nature — but all of it brimming with dragons.

Throw in some fascinating chunks of science fiction, a love story like none other, plus a bunch of great illustrations and readers get their money's worth — and then some.

Fortunately the story doesn't end there. Thanks to my obsession with details and a need to know where the DAU series was headed, plus an increasingly involved plotline populated with interesting characters, I wrote extensive outlines for the final two books — or what may have resulted in a final three or more books. I hope you will read them and derive a good sense of not only where the project was headed, but how we might have arrived there.

Thanks to all of those who read the first two books, and I hope this extra bit of effort makes the trip worthwhile. One reason is because this in not really a book at all — not in the usual sense or style to which one is generally accustomed. Both of these are further designed to answer the following question: What might an author do if, for reasons of health or other causes, he or she were unable to complete the remaining novels of a four, five, or six-book series?

But where the first two volumes were already finished, published, and illustrated.

Little Dragon

This one book encompasses at least four additional volumes, even more, all of which were thought-out in extreme detail prior to the writing of the first words of the first paragraph for the first novel, The Ghosts Of Walker Pines. Any good fantasy novel is full of twists and turns and the DAU series is no slouch in that regard. Because the series was viewed from the start as a long term, multi-book project, it was considered necessary and prudent to determine where the story would aim and eventually end-up, in addition to how the pieces might fit together from the very beginning.

After five years of weekly meetings, plus additional course work at a local college, I was ready to strike out on my own and went on to complete and self-publish the trilogy in or around Fortunately, because of a wealth of preliminary outlines written for the series, this final book is viewed as a lasting testament both to those who had read the first two books, and as a substantial peek into the process itself — a work-in-progress model of one method by which novels can be constructed, arranged, and most importantly, completed.

Probably the single greatest reason for this failure is the lack of a functional outline. If either of these two critical components are missing, typically for lack of a strong, highly defined outline, the work is likely doomed before it even starts. Foreign languages, words, and wholly unique terms needed to be woven into the stories such that the increasingly complex plot lines would facilitate the blending of two separate worlds: that of the humans and the dragons. Worth repeating is the fact that much of this required intense development long before I was willing to spend the time, money, and lots of sweat sitting and setting words to paper — or to computer screen.

Because of all the preliminary work that went into the series prior to its launch as a set of Kindle eBooks on Amazon, a veritable wealth of material sat tucked away in computer files, all of it waiting to be called upon as soon as the next books were ready to write.

In all likelihood that day will never come. Not by me in any event.

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As is obvious to anyone who looks, both eNovels are currently available on Amazon. The two have been lonely, however, for a year or more, awaiting the addition of the next volume, The Floods Of Chamadar — a volume that is mentioned and promoted at the tail end of Lost City as the next exciting adventure in the series. Originally intended as a trilogy, then a four-book collection, then five or more — not unlike many of the other, seemingly endless Young Adult fantasy novels — a final decision was made to keep this series unlimited for the time being.

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  4. It would eventually be, more or less, what it ended up to be. Such a large quantity of written materials had already been created, trying to contain — and explain — the myriad complex elements contained in the story, it was difficult to tell how many books, or how few, might be necessary to encapsulate the full potential of the story.

    Females will regularly mate with multiple males to ensure genetic diversity of her eggs; a single clutch of eggs may have different fathers 2 divided between eggs. At night these lizards typically take shelter either in the trees, in a burrow, or floating in water with just their nostrils exposed.

    This penchant for bobbing in the water is likely the reason that early European explorers had described seeing crocodiles in the waterways around Gippsland, however this myth was debunked once the Water Dragon as a species was properly studied and described. Since these lizards are common along waterways, they can often be found in close proximity to urban areas, as well as the bush. One of the most prominent drivers of biodiversity loss around the world is habitat degradation and fragmentation resulting from human development and urbanization 3. What allows certain reptiles to survive and exploit urban landscapes where most cannot?

    Currently, research is being conducted by James Baxter-Gilbert and Dr.

    The Dragons Among Us

    Martin Whiting www. In answering this question, the research hopes to better understand how wildlife copes with the challenges of an ever increasing anthropogenic world.