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The next area to sort out is cover-related A short update on where we are production-wise with East of England. I'm through the structural edit phase, and the book's been passed on to the next stage of things, which is copy-editing. That's where the manuscript gets double-checked for things like story consistency making sure left-handed characters don't become right-handed, that sort of thing , consistency in writing, and so on….

A swift update on East of England , and a couple of other bits of business. The news on the progress of EoE as almost no-one is calling it is that the editor has returned the manuscript to me, and a few tweaks and revisions are now afoot. No matter. Apologies for the repetition if you did get this the other day! Those of you fine folk who have already pledged to the support the book should have received an email…. Part of this is working into the narrative the names of those who kindly bid or won, in one case for their or a loved one's name to be included within the novel. While I might chuck in an Easter egg here or there, most of this….

You'll get information from Unbound and from me separately about how this all proceeds from here. As soon as I know stuff, I'll tell you. In the meantime, it's still possible to pledge to the project; this is because until the book actually goes to print there's an…. And that's it, really. East of England will be funded by then. As simple and straightforward as that. Details, as ever, are here. The book's on course to achieve this by 4th July, which is all good, though if it gets there sooner, even better!

My deadline's 4th July which is - at the time of writing - 25 days away. That means that we're still on course to have the book financed by the end of June, when the post-production malarkey will begin. Big thanks for your support and patience thus far!

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  • Apologies for you having been resent an email dated 1st April. Not sure what's happened there. Will contact Unbound HQ and find out what's going on. Hi all, and a happy Easter to you if you're having a break, be it a religious festival, a few days off, a handful of chocolate eggs, or any blend of the preceding. There's 88 supporters for the book already - which is fantastic - so that…. I've put up a blog post over on my own website about the six cover art concepts for East of England kindly prepped by my brother, the inestimably talented Maxim Peter Griffin. Check the images out here.

    So, another huge thanks for the support you've shown for the book and for me. In a day or so I'll be emailing back with a link to an audio file for the first part of the book as a small listening gift for you. This contains the first ten…. If anyone's got any questions about East of England or about writing in general , I suppose here's the place to ask them. Fire away! How much inspiration do you take from your Lincolnshire background?

    Is setting important to establishing the tone of a novel? Thanks for the question. In case of inspiration, the setting in geographic terms is crucial to the novel and its development, The story is one which could be set more or less anywhere, and at any time there's a very specific reason for that which I won't go here, into but it'll be interesting to see if it's picked up on in the reading of the book. But the approach to the telling of the story is very much a product of both my formative experiences being born and raised in Lincolnshire, and of the specificity which can come from that both in detail and also in atmosphere and the affective qualities that I'm aiming for in the novel.

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    Setting is hugely important, therefore. Part of the model for this book is in hard-boiled thrillers often set in big cities; this is an opposite to that, drawing on market towns struggling for their livelihood, on run-down seaside resorts in the out-of-season months, and on the landscape of the novel. Aspects of the book are set in some very flat countryside and on the kinds of barely-sloping beaches where the tide will race in and snare you if unawares.

    The landscape has an industrial quality to it as well; pylons and wind turbines, TV transmitter masts and light industrial units as well as the farmland, and the tourism which leads to great swathes of static caravans covering the coastline. All of that feeds into the book. Sign up to our newsletters to hear about brand new books and exclusive updates.

    Sign me up. Skip to main content. Unbound requires JavaScript, and may not work correctly without it. Find out how to enable it. Publication date: January Rewards Digital 19 pledges Ebook edition. Sharp and atmospheric; a rural take on the noir thriller. A vivid new voice. Eamonn Griffin.

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