Hit Me With Your Best Shot

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Knock me down, it's all in vain I get right back up on my feet again! You're a real tough cookie with a long history Of breaking little hearts like the one in me Before I put another notch in my lipstick case You better make sure you put me in my place! Hit me with your best shot The weirdest thing happened to me this week. My life and plans were entirely thrown off when I discovered I had an identical twin in That's what's happened to Hayley Mills. I have no such excuse other than that life has proven very complicated lately.

I will. Until then The Entertainment Junkie Jason Henson writes Running parallel to the twins' attempts to mend their broken family is an examination of why it fell apart in the first place.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Film Actually Shane Slater chose the same scene and writes That's all three Best Shot partygoers this week. Rachel was also the sole person to bravely join me in looking back at the Wonder Woman TV show last week, so you can see her take on tha t as well as thoughts on the new Wonder Woman movie. Lynda Carter first came to fame by winning a national beauty contest in the awkwardly titled "Miss World America" and Wonder Woman was her big break after a few low profile gigs.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

She starred as the Amazon princess for three seasons stretching from the pilot's airing in November through the finale in September We're looking at a two part episode "The Feminine Mystique" for this week's 'choose your favorite image' exercize because they're well remembered episodes and because they co-star 80s movie star Debra Winger who is currently back onscreen in The Lovers. Board your invisible jet and meet me after the jump If you're new to the blog or haven't yet experimented with actually participating in the weekly series that is open to all, we guarantee a good time.

Plus this one features Debra Winger as "Wonder Girl", only her second role! Everything we've previously covered is after the jump Little and Juan framed by nature. A truth: No matter how much you love a movie on first viewing, what makes it become a classic, a masterpiece even, is less predictable. That's in how it endures and oft times whether it can keep giving you new information. Aging, even for non-living things like a movie which is already "complete," before it begins that process, is tricky. But after a handful of screenings of Moonlight over the past nine months, it's quite obvious that the film not to mention its surprise Best Picture win will age spectacularly well.

A prediction: We're just barely getting to know its marvel. The Hit Me With Your Best Shot series initially started as an idea to honor Cinematography but film is so collaborative and complex that that's not how it turned out. Because Moonlight is rich in all of its moving parts, I opted to just look at the first act for now.

And I did something I never do: I watched it with the sound turned off Oscars Prediction Index. Supporting Actress. Supporting Actor. Visual Categories.

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Foreign Film. Eddie is based in Nashville, but at the time he was a struggling guitarist living in Toronto.

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He told Songfacts: "I was in a kind of weird therapy when I was in my mids, it was called bio-energetics, I believe. One of the things we did was punch pillows, I guess it had something to do with getting out hostility.

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  • I went to a session where we punched the pillows for a while. It all seemed kind of strange, but I remember walking outside of this therapy session and standing on the doorstep of the building I'd been in, this small house in Toronto, and the title just came to me, Hit Me With Your Best Shot I haven't been to therapy before or since.

    Hit Me WIth Your Best Shot

    Maybe I should go back. After he got the idea for this song, Eddie Schwartz was approached by a publishing company called ATV, who were interested in signing him. ATV was involved in The Beatles catalog and was a very exciting opportunity, but they wanted to hear a demo of Eddie's songs. Eddie didn't have any songs finished and was working as a guitarist for a Canadian singer named Charity Brown. Speaking with Songfacts, he described how he put together the demo for this song: "I booked a recording session for after our gig one night.

    The session started at 3 a. I had nothing written. On the way to the gig that night, driving along the highway in Toronto, it seemed like the sky opened up and the song just came to me musically and the chorus, I didn't have the verse lyrics yet. I madly drove to the gig we were playing, I picked up a guitar and figured out what the chords in my head were and jotted it all down.

    Then we played the gig and I hired the same guys to come to this demo session.

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    We got there at 3 in the morning, we recorded the tracks, and it was time to sing the vocals. I stepped to the microphone and realized I had no verse lyrics. The sun was coming up and we were all totally exhausted. I said 'Just run the tape three times, whatever I sing the third time, those are the lyrics.

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    By the time the engineer pressed record on the third pass the song was written as we now know it.