How to Conquer Your Fear of Spiders

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You may even dread visiting the zoo or participating in sports that involve being outside in a field. Experts are still uncertain what causes arachnophobia. There a few theories, though. One of the most common theories was put forth by evolutionary psychologists. This view suggests that arachnophobia was a survival technique for our ancestors. Since most spiders are venomous, although most do not pose a threat to humans, a fear of spiders may have made humans more likely to survive and reproduce.

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Other psychologists argue that many animals were more likely to pose a threat to ancient humans, from tigers to crocodiles. Yet, phobias of those animals are not that common.

Therefore, those psychologists feel that arachnophobia is more likely based on cultural beliefs about the nature of spiders. Like all specific phobias, arachnophobia is most commonly treated with therapy, particularly cognitive-behavioral techniques.

Some Tips on How to Overcome Arachnophobia (Fear of Spiders) | Black Snake Productions

Cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT focuses on stopping the negative automatic thoughts that are associated with the feared object or situation, replacing them with more rational thoughts instead. Techniques used may include:.

Arachnophobes Meet Spiders

Some newer research has shown that virtual reality therapy, in which the person with the phobia is exposed to virtual representations of spiders, may work as well as the older technique of gradually exposing the client to live spiders. In some cases, antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications may also be used to treat arachnophobia. Have you ever wondered what your personality type means? Sign up to get these answers, and more, delivered straight to your inbox.

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Some of our keepers have actually overcome animal phobias themselves and deal every day with interactions between the public and our animals. Our team of volunteers will be there on the day to chat to you about your phobias and the support you in overcoming your fears. They have been trained to help specifically with these workshops. Book your place.

An adorable arachnid sees his reflection for the first time.

Please read our phobia workshop terms and conditions. Animal Adoption is a great way to support RZSS, treat yourself or buy as a gift for the animal lover in your life! We will not show you any spiders or images of spiders during the theory part of the course. RZSS volunteers Our team of volunteers will be there on the day to chat to you about your phobias and the support you in overcoming your fears.

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Adopt an Animal. Experts believe some kind of spider-related trauma in childhood is the root cause of many an adult dislike of creatures which are largely harmless. Ever since B-movies in the s, film-makers have wanted us to think those little things scurrying across the carpet actually want to wipe out humanity. We really need to get out more, especially into the fields , woods and riversides that are teeming with our eight-legged friends. Previous generations would bump into spiders in all these places plus gardens and parks and get used to their presence in the process.

So if you do have mild arachnophobia then just a little common sense could be the cure.

So remember this. All it wants to do is eat and breed — though that second plan is not music to your ears. Hypnotherapy can have an astonishing effect on phobias and has converted devout arachnophobes into people who can handle a tarantula without flinching in as little as an hour or two. Experts in places like London Zoo can easily help you overcome the threat of spiders, which is usually more perceived than real. By talking through and breaking down the reason spiders fill you with terror, therapists can help to retrain your brain and help you rethink those irrational fears.

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But all spider-haters should check out the Phobia Free App. It teaches arachnophobes how to use relaxation techniques, includes helpful gameplaying. The result? A potential cure which is so effective the NHS has even approved it. See virtually-free. Gradual exposure to spiders is one answer, another is facing your fears head-on like Cassandra Tainsh of Leeds.