How To Meet and Keep the Man of Your Dreams

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The best books of You are harboring guilt over a sexual relationship or you are looking for a more erotic sex life. To dream of a kiss denotes love, affection, tranquility, harmony, and contentment. In particular, if you are dreaming of your first kiss, then it may just be the anticipation of experiencing your actual first kiss. This dream is also symbolic of young love and fresh romance. Perhaps the dream is telling you that you need to inject some more romance into your waking relationship.

To see others kissing in your dream suggest that you are too involved in someone else's personal lives and relationship. You need to give them some space. You are looking for some sort of relationship with this person but you are not sure about how to go about achieving it. If you are heterosexual and you dream that you are kissing someone of the same sex, then it represents self-acceptance. You are acknowledging the feminine or masculine side.

To dream that you are kissing yourself also represents self-acceptance, as well as self-love. You need to accept and love who you are, even your flaws or shortcomings. To dream that you are kissing someone's hand or someone is kissing your hand signifies respect, reverence and admiration. If you are kissing someone's foot, then it denotes respect and humility.

To dream that you are kissing someone on the neck or vice versa refers to uninhibited passion and lust. You are giving into your physical desires. To dream that you are kissing someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend indicates your wish to be in a relationship and to experience the energy of love. Perhaps you are somewhat jealous. You may be sexually acting out and desire to awaken your passion. Alternatively, the dream indicates a lack of integrity on your part. To dream that you are kissing your ex indicates that you are looking back on the positive experiences and good times that you shared with your past love.

If you are kissing a close friend, then it represents your respect and adoration for your friend.

6 Steps to Attracting Your Dream Woman

You are seeking some intimate closeness that is lacking in some waking relationship. It may or may not signify a romantic interest for her or him. If you dream that you are kissing a stranger, then it represents acknowledgement and acceptance of the repressed aspect of yourself. If you are kissed by a stranger, then your dream is one of self-discovery.

You need to get more acquainted with some aspect of yourself. To dream that you are kissing a celebrity indicates your drive to be successful. Consider what qualities or movies you associate this celebrity with or what makes this celebrity famous for clues as to where and what you want to achieve success in. Alternatively, the dream may just represent your waking fascination or obsession with this particular celebrity.

You may be fantasizing about idealistic romance and love. To dream of kissing an enemy signifies betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation with an angry friend. Consider also the saying "this kiss of death". If someone tries to kiss you against your will, then it means that someone is shoving their ideas, beliefs and opinions in your face. He or she is forcing you to do something that you do not really want to do. This dream may also mean that you are refusing to accept some repressed aspect of yourself.

Dreaming of giving or receiving a bloody kiss symbolizes the depth of your passion. You do not hold back in your relationship and tend to give your full self into it. L ove. To dream of love or being in love suggests intense feelings carried over from a waking relationship.

Discover the Secrets to a Successful Relationship

It refers to your contentment with what you already have and where you are in life. On the other hand, the dream may be compensatory and implies that you may not be getting enough love in your life. We naturally long for the sense to belong and to be accepted. To see a couple in love or expressing love to each other indicates success ahead for you.

The Art of Resilience: A Practical Guide to Developing Mental Toughness

To dream that your friend is in love with you may be one of wish fulfillment. Perhaps you have developed feelings for your friend and are wondering how he or she feels. Your preoccupation has found its way into your dreaming mind. On the other hand, the dream may suggests that you have accepted certain qualities of your friend and incorporated it into your own character.

To dream that you are making love in public or in different places relates to some overt sexual issue or need. Your dream may be telling you that you need to express yourself more openly. Alternatively, it represents your perceptions about your own sexuality in the context of social norms.

You may be questioning your feelings about sex, marriage, love, and gender roles. To dream of your lost love represents an idealistic relationship. You are looking for romance, excitement, and freshness that is lacking in your present relationship. To dream that you are being told that you were never loved refers to your own personal feelings of being unworthy.

6 Steps To Attracting Your Dream Woman

Love Triangle. To dream that you are part of a love triangle where you are in love with the same person indicates that you are experiencing some form of insecurity and jealousy in your waking relationship. You feel that your attention or time is being divided. If you dream that you are in love with two different persons, then it means that you are not completely committed to your current relationship.

Alternatively, the persons involved in the love triangle may all be aspects of your own self. You are experiencing some strong emotional conflict. L over. To see a lover in your dream symbolizes acceptance, self-worth, and acknowledgement of your true inner value. You are integrating aspects of the feminine and the masculine.

As a result, you are feeling complete and whole. Alternatively, your dream lover may also be someone who is your ideal.

Dreaming about someone you know

The dream could be compensatory for an unsatisfactory or unfulfilling relationship in your real life. Perhaps, your current relationship is awakening some of those same issues. L ust. Alternatively, lust means that you need to exercise some self-control. To dream that someone is lusting after you means that you think highly of yourself. You have an elevated sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Making Out.