Kettlebell Swing Guide: Swing Your Way Fit (HIKF)

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Very nice presentation! I am a personal trainer and utilize them daily. Your presentation is well done, good fluidity and excellent technique. Keep up your work here. You not only demonstrate the proper training techniques, but your written info is spot on! Thanks Dave! Estou iniciando os treinos agora com o intuito de queimar mais calorias e ganhar um corpo mais, digamos, funcional e esguio. Vou repassar esse site para os meus amigos. I have only one question. For me is hard to do the windmill and the turkish get up. I am trying with 12 kg kettlebell. Can you help me with information and tricks how to do both exercises?

You know ,the risk of injuries here is very high. I am 60years old and have been training with kettlebells for 2years. For myself, I used the 8kg kettlebell on my palm and swerve around or grab the handle and move forward like a boxer punch. It really improve your forearm strength. I learned kettle bell from a trainer in LA, Walter Cosutta. I am convinced kettle bell had much to do with my success. I will get your book! Rody, wow! Congrats on the incredible transformation.

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Love it. Would you be interested in sharing your story with the community? I think others could really benefit. Hi, I ve seen kettlebells that use adjustable plates in some sport shops. Are they as effective as the traditional ones? Once you start working with heavier weights, it becomes very easy to drop the kettlebell. The adjustable KBs have a lot of moving parts which makes them more likely to break. I had watched a few of your well done videos and read a few articles which convinced me to buy your book. I am skeptical when it comes to buying things like this online since I have been disappointed in the past.


I have only glanced through your book so far and checked out some of the included videos, but I have to say I am already impressed. The areas I looked at are very detailed and you explain things really well. The accompanying videos work really well to enhance what you are talking about. No doubt you put a lot of time into this and it is well worth the money I spent.

Skip to content The kettlebell. I still remember the day we met. And, like always, my curiosity got the best of me. Makes me want to shed a tear. Brief History of the Kettlebell The history of the kettlebell — or Girya in Russian — spans back more than years. But the unique tools quickly became a matter of national pride in Russia. Today, most people know of kettlebells, but have very little understanding of how they work. They have no clue of the power that lies within that hunk of metal.

Here are some of the things kettlebells can do for you: Improve your cardiovascular fitness and build great work capacity, Stimulate your nervous system with explosive movements, Improve functional strength for everyday life and athletic performance, Improve your balance, coordination, and mental focus, Improve flexibility, Teach your body how to work as a unit not in isolation , Develop exceptional mental toughness, Develop dense, intelligent muscle, Incredible fat loss potential due to high metabolic nature of training, Develop incredible grip strength, Build a rock-solid posterior chain, Improve your overall core strength, Effective rehabilitating tool, Improve strength of connective tissues, Improve workout efficiency more benefits in less time , Allow you train anywhere and everywhere while saving you money.

Kettlebell Safety The kettlebell is a unique fitness tool. And when you have a heavy piece of metal moving at fast speeds, safety is a concern. Before you ever pick up your first kettlebell, there are some simple safety rules you need to follow: Start off slowly. The idea is to build up your training load gradually.

Be smart. Progress at your own pace. Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure your workout area is clear and there are no tripping hazards.

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Never try to save the kettlebell. There will be times when the kettlebell gets away from you. Never try to save it. Always let it go. Let it fall to the ground and move away from it. Wear appropriate shoes.

Minimal shoes like the Vibrams or simple Chuck Taylors work great. Master the hip hinge first. The hip hinge is the essential movement pattern behind nearly every single explosive kettlebell movement. Develop and use proper technique. Focus at all times. Working with kettlebells requires focus from the moment you pick it up off the floor to the moment you set it down. Listen to your body. This applies to every form of training. Here are the four parts that make up the kettlebell: The unique shape of the kettlebell is actually a big part of its effectiveness.

The Perfect Posterior: Kettlebell Swings and Cheap Alternatives | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

This is a important. Types of Kettlebells There are different styles and types of kettlebells, but they all fall under two main kettlebell categories: Professional Grade Steel Kettlebells Standard Grade Cast Iron Kettlebells It helps to know the difference between the two. How do you pick the right kettlebell for yourself? Here is a simple summary to help you choose the right weight: To learn more about the design of the kettlebell and how to choose one that best fits your training, check out Kettlebell Ninja: Build a Better Body with a Kettlebell.

The rather funky shape of the kettlebell offers a variety of grips.

New ways to swing a kettlebell

Horn Goblet Grip The horn grip, also known as the goblet grip, engages the forearms to a greater degree and is useful for exercises like squats, lunges, and other variations. Bottoms-up Grip This is a more advanced grip that engages the forearms extensively. The Kettlebell Rack The rack is one of the most essential components of kettlebell training.

History of Kettlebells

Also, my goal is to get them to produce more power because it will enhance their capabilities. Simply put, my goal is for them to do few reps — every rep needs to be as hard as if it was the last one. A properly done kettlebell swing activates glutes and protects the back. Glute inhibition also happens when we sit for long periods of time or have minor injuries toe injury etc. More on that can be found in the book Strong Curves by Brett Contreras. Kettlebell swing movement is both easy and difficult.