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Found at these bookshops Searching - please wait We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. These online bookshops told us they have this item:. Tags What are tags? The former RUF leader has said that he was on transit in Liberia on his way to Burkina Faso where the diamonds were to be used to purchase arms and ammunition. Bah was to eventually take Mr. Sesay to Burkina Faso where the diamonds were to be delivered and arms and ammunition collected, Mr.

Sesay said on Monday. Prosecutors allege that Mr. The purpose for her to come when Bockarie called her was to take me to meet Ibrahim Bah. The diamonds eventually went missing in Monrovia and were never given to Mr. Bah, Mr. Sesay refuted suggestions that the diamonds were to be taken to Mr. Taylor, saying that if that were to be the case, he would not have taken several days carrying the diamonds in Monrovia when they eventually went missing.

On Tuesday, Mr. As Mr.

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These atrocities, Mr. Sesay said were committed mainly by the AFRC soldiers who had themselves become a rebel faction in the country. Prosecutors alleged that the Mr.

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Taylor was involved in a joint criminal enterprise with both the RUF and AFRC rebels and that it was in pursuit of such a common plan that the rebel forces invaded Freetown in January Prosecutors say that while the rebel forces were in Freetown in , the high command of the RUF gave regular updates of their activities to Mr.

Taylor has denied these allegations. According to Mr. Sesay said never came in. On Wednesday, Mr.

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Bockarie then moved to Liberia. This information was told to Mr. In his statements to the Special Court on Wednesday, and consistent with his testimony since taking the witness stand last week, Mr.

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Sesay continued to distance Mr. Taylor from the Sierra Leonean rebel group — and from prosecution charges that the former Liberian president controlled the RUF and its actions. Sesay told the court. When asked whether Mr. Sesay to a meeting with him Taylor in Liberia. Sesay said that upon arriving in Monrovia, Mr. Taylor was very angry about the action of the RUF.

Sesay continued. He said Mr. Taylor has insisted that he was only acting on the instructions of other West African leaders. Sesay, as he testified on Wednesday, supported Mr. RUF was under the control of Mr. The witness said that his meeting with Mr. Taylor after the abduction of the UN peacekeepers was the first time he had spoken to or met with the former president. On Thursday and Friday, the court took early adjournments because Mr. Griffiths was indisposed and could not be present in court.

Also in court on Friday, it was established that the much anticipated appearance by British Supermodel Naomi Campbell may no longer take place on the July 29, Campbell that they wanted her appearance to be rescheduled. The representatives are supposed to communicate with the court in writing indicating when exactly Ms.

Campbell will appear. Koumjian, however, stated that the rescheduled date will not be very far from the originally scheduled July 29 date and that in any case, the testimonies of Ms. Sesay concludes his testimony. Wadi William, Not understanding why an omnipotent God will allow some things to happen is a pointer to the fact that we are human and He is God. Not being omniscience is part of our humanness while ultimate freedom to act or not act is mark of divinity.

If the contradictions of life and the defiances of common sense by everyday experiences can be called inherent absurdity than life itself as we understand it is a ridiculous superstition. We call Him God because that is whom He is. The better questions to ask is: why are we so mean to ourselves? Why were we ignorant to the fact that there can never be a good war and a bad peace? Why were we so slow in seeing the deceits of our career politicians and their unholy alliances with warlords?

We deliberately keep our people ignorant and illiterate but expect them to make wise and informed decisions. We keep on being selfish, lazy and doing the same foolish things over and again but expect different and good results. Were there not sufficient warnings and signals that we as a people were heading a dangerous path? Are we so foolish to have allowed a handful of persons to reign terror on our beloved country? My brother, God created the universe and allowed it to operate on laws and He created us with the ability brains to understand these laws and to abide by them we are no robots.

Attempting breaking these laws have consequences and everyone must bear the consequences of his actions. The war in our country was not quirk of fate but the reaping of the fruits of disunity, greeds, selfishness, ignorance, illiteracy and laziness we sowed for over a century. If we want peace we must plant the seed of peace. If we want a great country we must do the hard work needed for building a great nation.

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God have already given us life, vast natural resources, rich soil, enough rainfall and sunshines, energetic and intelligent people. What else, should He do before you can acknowledge His goodness?

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No, He will not do for us what we can do for ourselves. Let me leave you with two sayings from the great Book:. Be yea not deceive, for God is not mock whatsoever you sow so should you reap Righteousness exalts a nation. Sin is a reproach to any people. Just want to say thanks for the summaries these days. It has save me time from reading the entire transcripts on a daily basic. Thumbs up to Alpha too cuz he gets all the thrashing Lol!!!!!!! Is this witness still here, can he provide new information.


Other then that these continous testimonies are getting redundant. Ms Teage, We all wanted to know….. You have to understand the relationship between the times and the events; yes is taking forever but if you on trial, you will want your lawyer to dot all I s and cross all T s. From what I am gathering, he is to some degrees giving Mr.