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RED ASPHALT - If you saw this video then driver's ed was awesome

Production saw minimal effect on the binder content, as the red asphalt mix used a similar liquid content as the typical mix design used to supply the NYCDOT. Months after placement, the red lanes retain their color and integrity.

NYCDOT milled a 2-inch depth of the bus lane, prepped the lane, and installed the red asphalt; all in the same night. The reason for this was NYCDOT did not want to leave a bus lane milled while commuters would be using the lanes the following morning. The project took place November Shale is cheaper than normal gravel and most commonly is red.

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Simple economics. It lasts just as long, so why not? Regular gravel gives a firmer base. So only having to make good on the remaining years, he'll take the cheap way out, and use the cheaper shale.

Originally Posted by kyle My understanding is it's from whatever aggregate they used oxidizing rusting turning red. In the Pacific Northwest, they spread on a redish colored sand when there is ice on the road. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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Similar Threads types of roofs - tile vs. Follow City-Data. The gruesome road-splatter films have become sociological touchstones for many drivers, and even may be among the most-viewed movie titles ever to come out of California.


Plus, the CHP has learned a few cinematic tricks from Hollywood over the years. The quality is below their standards. However … nothing has been staged. These are actual scenes taken immediately after the accidents occurred.

Cycle Tracks Should Be Laid In Red Asphalt — The Ranty Highwayman | Maynooth Cycling Campaign

Also, unlike Hollywood, our actors are paid nothing. Most of the actors in these movies are bad actors and received top billing only on a tombstone. They paid a terrific price to be in these movies, they paid with their lives. Back then, the images were just as unsophisticated as the narration.

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