Serendipity: Poems by Victor T. Cheney

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Thank you I was looking for the poem the first time I heard the words from on of the Bishop Sheen's lectures. Stay blessed.

By Victor T. Cheney - Victor T. Cheney

Post a Comment. Find new books and literate friends with Shelfari, the online book club. I heard this lovely poem recited at the end of a very complex lecture on theology and history by Charles Craigmile, but without attribution. I googled the first line, and found it is often attributed to Bishop Fulton J. Sheen , but kept looking, and found it in one of his addresses from It is so lovely. — Book/DVD/Record Reviews

Some say the name of the poet doesn't matter, but she does. The Sheen source attributed it to Elizabeth Cheney b. Each hand and foot was pinioned by a nail. Neither poem provides the truth of the resurrection. The poet Cheney is best known for a small poem about birds and anxiety that appears on plaques. So perhaps the Sheen version and the Cheney version are not one, but different treatments of the same theme.

Whenever there is silence around me By day or by night— I am startled by a cry. It came down from the cross— The first time I heard it. What can I do? She produced a total of nine children from both marriages. Isn't the internet amazing?

It's not often you can get a 15th century royal, a 19th century poet and a 20th century priest worked into the same article. Labels: Bishop Fulton J. Sheen , Poetry. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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The German philosopher and cultural theorist Peter Sloterdijk has, surprisingly, chosen the erotic epistolary novel as genre for his last book, entitled The Schelling Project. This is his second novel; the first one, The Magic Tree from , was about the roots of psycho-analysis in mesmerism in the 18th century. Briefly speaking, the book describes how five academics decide to apply to the German Research Council for funding a project on developmental theory to study the female orgasm.

Their application is rejected, and they exchange letters containing a mix of personal erotic experiences and general views on sexuality. The male orgasm is easy to explain functionally and in terms of evolution and biology through the reproduction of the species: There is an obvious connection between the orgasm and propagating our genes. The female orgasm is more difficult to explain: it does not seem to have any clear function, since the egg is fertilized through male ejaculation whether the woman has an orgasm or not.

Since the female orgasm is problematic from the perspective of evolutionary biology, Sloterdijk sees an opening for the humanities, in this case the philosophy of Schelling. The connection to Schelling is not easy to grasp, and is not particularly well explained. Schelling interpreted natural history as the evolutionary history of the spirit. In The transcendendtal system of idealism , Schelling placed art as the highest expression of the human spirit, as a synthesis between consciousness and the unconscious, nature and spirit.

Their artistic expression and liberated sexual energy express a kind of utopian synthesis of nature and spirit. The female orgasm becomes a high point of natural history, the secret goal of evolution. German reviews. The university novel and thereby also a research parody critical of science, such as this one, has a weak tradition in Germany, compared to England and the U.

To avoid being regarded as unserious, Sloterdijk should probably have omitted the sexualized names; the novel would have managed fine without them. Others have placed the book in the genre of philosophical pornography.

Serendipity: Poems By Victor T. Cheney

The research of Robert Darnton b. They were smuggled in from Switzerland and Holland. Darnton includes a separate chapter on philosophical pornography, a genre which was also used by well-known authors like Diderot and, of course, Marquis de Sade. Sloterdijk enters into this tradition. Some have accused Sloterdijk b.