What Salespeople Should Know About Cold Calling: An Interview With A Cold Calling Expert

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This creates significant inefficiencies:. I believe in dividing up the roles into specialized functions. Here are the four basic functions or themes:. As an organization gets larger, it is possible to get even more specialized. For example, it can often make sense to have different reps for different vertical industries that get to know and understand the customer problems, terminology, and specific vertical messaging.

Another type of specialization that can make sense is based on customer size: one group for large accounts, and another for smaller, as their problems and required solutions and messaging are different. The second person you hire, after a salesperson who can close, should be a sales rep who is dedicated just to generating leads for your first closer. In early I was experimenting with cold calling, to see if it would work. It did — but far too slowly. I had been able to generate 2 qualified leads in a month. To meet my goals I needed to be able to generate 8 qualified opportunities.

This may sound low, but remember that a core principle is to generate fewer opportunities that are much higher quality. I learned this through hard work — cold calling, cold emailing, plugging away. I realized I spent most of my time hunting for the right person — not trying to sell or qualify them. If I could find the right person, I could usually have a productive business conversation with them.

Should You Choose Cold Calls, Emails or Both?

It was just a pain in the ass to find them, especially in the F size companies! I remember my experiment like it was yesterday. On a Friday afternoon, I sent two mass emails from Salesforce. Out of emails I sent, I had 10 responses back! Again, these were from C-level and VP-level executives at large companies. And at least five of the emails I received from the short and sweet campaign were positive, referring me to other people in the organization as the best person for a conversation about sales force automation.

Hence the tipping point of the Cold Calling 2. Here is another way to look at the Cold Calling 2. Getting clear on your Ideal Customer Profile, including how to describe them and what their core challenges are, is the most important exercise to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and sales functions. It helps you:. If you are going to implement a cold calling 2. The result of this should be a list of criteria that you want, with an explanation of the reasons why. This question demonstrates respect for the person's time and an understanding that your phone call is not the only thing on his or her plate for the day.

This statement still allows you to continue regardless of how the person initially responded to you, rather than scheduling another time to call. This is a good thing, because you've finally got a prospect on the phone, so the last thing you want to do is hang up and attempt to catch him or her again. The reason for my call is this. The purpose of these sentences is to create a compelling reason for the person on the other end to continue the conversation.

5 Cold Calling Scripts Samples to Try | Teamgate Blog

Note that you've said nothing about how the benefit was achieved. At this point, the customer doesn't care about your specific product; the customer only wants to know what to expect if the conversation continues. Now, you may be wondering if we can do this for you, too.

Well, depending on what you're currently doing, I don't know if you have a need for our services. This eliminates a potentially adversarial posture, lowers the person's resistance, and brings down his or her guard.

Ultimate cold calling cheat sheet: A checklist that’ll boost sales

After every 10 to 15 calls, try taking a break. Stretch your legs, grab more coffee, or refill on snacks. Just try to relax, and give yourself a couple of moments to mentally prepare for the next round of calls. The term cold call implies complete lack of preparation no script , lead data, nothing. Start with social media engagement. Your social media efforts can explain to your prospect why you are reaching out, provide you with discussion topics for the call call ammunition , and warm your prospect up to an exploratory conversation.

Most sales reps either prospect and build their own lead lists or have lists given to them by a manager. Although valuable, lists like these are not enough to transform your cold calling process.

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This will be the first way you passively introduce yourself. You should spend 3 minutes collecting 3 relevant notes on your prospect that may become valuable discussion points during your first call. It is too early since you have not previously engaged with your prospect. Follow your prospect and their company on Twitter. These small touches will generate a conversation before you ever pick up the phone.

Leverage your network. Set up Google Alerts for their company. Since you are prepared, you are removing the potential for awkwardness and this really is no longer cold calling.

Cold Calling is NOT a Waste of Time! Stop Listening to the So-Called “Experts”

Did you say PandaDuck? My reps simply introduce themselves and wait silently. While this seems like an awkward move, it produces positive results. Typically, the prospect will do one of two things:.

Part 1: B2B cold calling scripts to generate high-value appointments

Now communicate the value and purpose of the call. You know why they are the person you want to talk to and what you can discuss that will bring mutual value.

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